Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Little Cheer but Grave Worries

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Little Cheer but Grave Worries
Dwindling crowds, sloppy defense or toothless attack, what has been the real problem for The Lions this season? The reason behind writing this in the wake of a roaring victory against the title contender Bengaluru FC was that it was not a temporary state anguish that was masking the real core of this article.

Every Delhi fan has to admit that even though we have been unlucky to see a few decisions go against us but in total, our performance has just been a meek shadow of the past seasons. Delhi Dynamos was a team that scored for fun and loved to demolish the visiting teams at the Den but all this are memories of the past. The Lions , barring the match against the Eagles, has been tamed at the Den by oppositions. Perennial league strugglers NEUFC stunned the JLN as they exploited our weak defense on the way to their 2-0 thumping of the Lions. Jamshedpur has found the goals hard to come by but at the JLN they too walked away with a 1-0 victory. All this said a few decisions have gone against us all because of some poor refereeing, Cichero and Mirabaje never deserved red and these moments turned the game in oppositions favor. But we can't hide behind two decision for the whole season, we have to admit we have been way below average this season. 

The decision to not retain any of the star Indian players last season has been a rather great move because the current squad has some scintillating young talent. The young Indian members of the team have put in some brilliant performances and the foreign signings like Cichero, Mirabaje, Paulinho , Lumu, and Edu have also more or less impressed the Dynamos faithful. So where is the problem at? We look like a team of individual performers more than a cohesive unit. The match against Bengaluru showed that if the players play like a team they can cause havoc. 

Just after Kerala match, you could come across a "section" of the fans calling for a certain "someone" to be ousted from the helm of the club. The views here aren't as extreme as theirs but we do feel there have been some errors on the part of the backstage team . Ticket pricing is one such issue, the fans in Delhi are mostly college going students and a 2.5x surge in ticketing has been the telling factor in the reduced footfall. Indecision in how to treat fans has been as comical as the Government policies during demonitisation. It can be easily seen that passion of the fans is overlooked if your boot-licking skills are of the best level. Importance to fans is given on the basis of how much can they boast the ego of "some". It really is a sad situation but then what say do fans have here. Still a shout out to the fans who still go out and support the team in the stadium in the current scenario 

Just as every black cloud has a silver lining our silver lining this season this season has been our young players, the blazing runs that Chhangte makes are ones to savor and Vinit's solid all around game is a joy to watch. We will still play for pride this season but will be back stronger next season.
We are the blues
We are the reds
We are Delhi Dynamos

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Delhi Dynamos vs FC Goa, The real test for Lions.

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Delhi Dynamos vs FC Goa, The real test for Lions.

Three back to back defeats, two defeats at home where the lions were unbeaten last season, injuries to key players, failing to find the net in two consecutive games and  playing  some of the strongest  teams in their first 4 games, nothing has been easy for the Lions in this season of Hero Indian Super League.

Delhi Dynamos is set to play a very lethal FC Goa on 16th, and the timing could not have been worse, Albino Gomez injured himself during Jamshedpur FC game and is expected to be out for a long time, Mirabaje is struggling with a muscle injury and is not expected to start against Goa, Sena Ralte and Edu Moya might also miss out.

Dynamos would have to come out with the Lions attitude, the same attitude that Delhi Dynamos was known for, even after going one man down they would fight like it was all that they wanted, we have seen some glimpses of this in Lumu and Vinit, but the whole team would have to join if they want to get a favourable result against Goa.

FC Goa can be defeated, we have seen it happen this year, and it will happen again if Lions put up a fight against them this Saturday at home.

Yes, the odds are against us, we are struggling with injuries and bad luck but at the end of the day, we are the lions. We showed what we are capable of in our first game and we will have to repeat that against Goa.

Author's Take

We will have to wait and watch how the team responds on 16th, the league is just 4 matches old and anything can happen as we have seen in the previous seasons of ISL. The lions will surely come out and fight with all that they have and we fans have to get behind them and let them know that we are there to support them no matter what. #RoarWithTheLions

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Delhi Dynamos season 1, 2, and 3 trends you haven't noticed.

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Delhi Dynamos season 1, 2, and 3 trends you haven't noticed.
Delhi Dynamos have had always performed better than the season before, every season they have had a different coach and not many players are retained from the previous season. Still, they have become stronger and stronger by the season.
Season 1 Delhi Dynamos vs FC Pune City

In season 1 Delhi had a very slow start but they picked up at the end of the season and the heroics of Dos Santos almost helped Delhi Dynamos qualify for the first ever play-offs of ISL.

That Delhi Dynamos team was a classic one, With the likes of Allesandro del Piero, Hans Mulder, Mads Junker and Gustavo Dos Santos they became one of the toughest team to defeat. And the magical performance of Dos Santos is still fresh in the minds of Dynamos fans.

Season 2 Delhi Dynamos star signings
Season 2 was even better with the superstar signings like Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos, Liverpool legend John Arne Riise and Chelsea winger Florent Malouda, it was a dream come true for the fans not only from the capital but from all over the country to see them play for Delhi Dynamos in India.

The Lions retained Dos Santos, Hans Mulder, and Souvik and signed amazing players like Anas Edathodika and Robin Singh who performed brilliantly under Roberto Carlos's guidance.

Season 2 was the first time Delhi Dynamos witnessed the fierce attacking football that continued in season 3. Although this time Delhi Dynamos did not have Dos Santos, Hans Mulder, John Arne Riise, Robin Sigh and Roberto Carlos in the squad, Delhi did not suffer a bit.
Season 3 Delhi Dynamos

This was because of the terrific display by the likes of Anas Edathodika, Souvik, and the new Lions among which Kean Lewis, Milan Singh, Tebar, and Marcelino were the most notable.

Marcelinho and Florent Malouda went on to win the Golden Boot and Golden ball for their brilliant display of beautiful football.

Season 3's Delhi Dynamos was arguably the best team ever seen in ISL and were favorites to win the title but due to unfortunate events in the second leg of the semifinal in Den Lions didn't qualify for the final.

Season 4 is a fresh chapter in Delhi Dynamos story, lions have come a long way from season 1 and the team has changed completely. This time the focus is on a young team which has the best young players from all over the country and is supported by highly experienced foreign players who can correctly guide them throughout the season.

Season 4 Delhi Dynamos FC squad

This team is all set to start a new trend in ISL that is to focus on young players and developing them as future superstars of Indian football. This team is well balanced and has the potential of winning the title and raising the standard of Indian football in the process.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

India Gets Ready for the World Cup

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India Gets Ready for the World Cup
Unless you are living under a rock, you’d probably know that the FIFA U17 World Cup is just a day away. This is the FIFA tournament that is happening in India and the first ( of many) FIFA tournament India is playing. We play all our group stage matches in Delhi.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is ready to host the young Blue Tigers. Delhi, which is often accused of being ignorant about football, is ready to show the world that football does occupy a special place in its heart.

Fan groups from all over the country are gathering in the capital to support the young colts, among which we are also a part. For over a month these Indian Football fans have been busy preparing chants and posters for the country and the players.

You can put your money on JLN being converted into a fortress by the fans, it'll surely be a sight to behold. With the stadium already being sold out due to the efforts of various fan supporters group, the decibel levels will be sky high and hope the opposition brings their earplugs along.

The Blue Pilgrims, the fan group of the Indian Football team was recently formed by the integration of fan groups all around the country is a welcoming sign. They'll have a major role to play in supporting the Blue Tigers. But the Arena Army will also not be far behind and will give our very best to support our team, we have got our very own special chants prepared so do watch out Team USA.

The excitement and expectations of the fans are at an all-time high, you can almost sense it in Delhi’s air. The love for the game and the country has brought everyone together. You can be a Delhi Dynamos fan or a Mumbai FC fan but on 6th of October, all of us would be Indians just Indians. We all together will bring the house down( just figuratively).

The U17 team is full of talented, sincere and hardworking players, who have put all in for their country. Watching them play over the span of last 9-10 months has really up-ed our expectations. Being lucky enough to have interacted with few of the stars of the team, it suddenly dawns upon you that how humble they are even after achieving so much at such a young age, which is the true sign of champions.

AIFF has invested a lot in the young guys and rightly so. The facilities being provided to the U17 players is the best and the exposure tours have been a good learning curve. It is so great to see that sports other than cricket are being paid attention to.

The road for India regaining its supremacy in the Asian football is a long one, nothing is going to happen over a fortnight. But we have put in a lot over the last half a decade or so and I am confident that we'll surely rise again. The U17 FIFA World Cup is just the start towards achieving our goal. To be realistic, the chances of is being crowned champions at this event are not much but again only idiots get bogged down by probability.

If the lads put a performance that'll make the world stand up and take notice then they surely would have achieved the goal. If even one of the U17 player gets scouted and makes it to the European leagues, the World Cup will be a success. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day but once built, it has always stood strong.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Delhi Dynamos - It is not just about this season

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Delhi Dynamos - It is not just about this season
Delhi Dynamos went into the draft empty handed,  leaving behind players like Anas Edathodika, Souvik Chakraborty, Kean Lewis and Milan Singh. While some considered it a very smart decision because they could enter the draft in the first round and get their hands on the best in demand Indian goalkeepers, at the same time it was equally risky to leave behind an tested winning team.

But the situation was different this time, with Gianluca Zambrotta deciding to leave Delhi Dynamos for Chinese Super League, Delhi was only left with two options. After bringing Miguel Angel Portugal as their new coach they could have either let coach Miguel Portugal to scout and handpick his own squad according to his style and philosophy or go with the second option which was to play with a team tailor made for Zambrotta to suit his style of play.

The Lions obviously had to go for the former, which was to let Miguel choose his own team even if it meant not retaining star players like Marcelinho, Anas, Kean, and Tebar. But that's not it, Delhi had some bigger plans in mind.

After partnering with Aspire Academy they made it clear that their main goal is the betterment of Indian football and they wanted to emulate something like Pillan Arrows. They went on prove it in the draft when they drafted young talents like Pritam Kotal, Chhangte, Vinit Rai and Romeo Fernandes. The average age of DDFC squad after the draft was 24 years which was pretty young.

Now Delhi Dynamos are left with young Indian talents and it's time to build a team of some experienced foreigners around them, who would highlight their skills and guide them to the right path.

Club Director Mr. Rohan Sharma revealed his vision in his tweets while talking to the fans on twitter.

  The Author's Take

Delhi Dynamos have had 3 different coaches, three different teams who played three different styles of football. No player except Souvik Chakraborty has played more than three seasons in Delhi Dynamos shirt, so one thing is certain Delhi Dynamos are not new to this type of situation.

Every year they have outperformed the previous team and have been a consistent team despite having different players and this season is no different. With different coaches come different players and different style but the Lions are always the Lions.

Hopefully, this was the last player draft and this young Indian team would go on to be lions for a very long time. The fans have to put faith in the coach and the management and hope for the best.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What brand of football will Delhi play under Portugal?

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What brand of football will Delhi play under Portugal?

Miguel Angel Portugal was introduced to the press and the fans on Monday in a gala ceremony held in National Capital. Miguel has signed on a one year deal earlier this month after a groundbreaking technical partnership with Doha based Aspire Academy.

Speaking to the media Miguel said "I saw a few of the Delhi Dynamos games on video and I was impressed with the player's attacking football. The club truly plays like a lion and it wasn't a difficult decision for me to sign up to play my part in shaping the club's future success."

Upon being asked about the clubs decision of not retaining any domestic player the coach answered  "I have been watching hours and hours of footage from I league and ISL games with our team and we are fully prepared for the draft"

After being questioned about the brand of football the fans will see Delhi Dynamos play this season, he said  "We will play to win, we will need to have possession of the ball but that has to be smart and intelligent possession"

As Portugal was coaching Atletico Paraneance in 2014, the same club for which Gustavo Dos Santos played, it was only natural that we asked him if there was any chance of seeing the fans favorite magician back in the team this season. To this, he said "Yes, Gustavo Dos Santos, Bruno Pellisari, and Jonathan Luca played for the club but in the second team" he further added "They are good players, we are going to observe and then we will take a decision"

Talking about the new kit design, Mr Rohan Sharma, Director, Delhi Dynamos FC said "I am not from Delhi, I was born in America but the one thing Delhi and I both have in common is we like looking good, I was not happy with the kit design last year but this year I got personally involved with my staff to really design an awesome kit that not only fans but people who don't like football would also want to wear"

Authors take

Miguel Angel Portugal is in Delhi for the domestic draft that is scheduled to happen in Mumbai on July 23, The coach and the whole administration seem confident about the draft. 

Keeping in mind that they will get two early picks, fans can rest assured that some good players will be signed.It was made clear that Delhi Dynamos are working day and night to build a strong squad and Miguel is carefully analyzing every player. Some news about foreign players can also be expected before the draft as Mr. Rohan Sharma himself hinted in a tweet. 

We just need to have faith and wait to see what future has in store for us, so till then let's Roar with the Lions.

Friday, 30 June 2017

What to expect from Miguel Ángel Portugal? Signings?

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What to expect from Miguel Ángel Portugal? Signings?
Delhi Dynamos announced Miguel Ángel Portugal as their new manager this season, he will be the 4th Delhi Dynamos manager in as many seasons and a lot more would be expected from him as his predecessors have set the bar very high.

Miguel is a former Real Madrid player who went on to coach Real Madrid Casillas (B Team) and also served as Real Madrid's technical director and came very close to becoming their coach.

Unlike the last two legends, the Spanish has a vast coaching experience and is a very highly rated coach. Having managed the La Liga side Real Valladolid as early as in 2015. He also coached Atletico Paranaense in 2014  and the oldest Algerian football club CS Constantine.

What to expect? 

Miguel is considered a football genius and has even authored a book on football, which is confirmed by the trust top clubs have shown in him. This means we can continue to see the brand of football Delhi Dynamos played under Carlos and Zambrotta.

The club director Rohan Sharma made it clear that it's up to the coach to decide who he wants to sign just like last season, this season too we will see a tailor made squad.
We may see a lot of Spanish players donning Delhi Dynamos jersey once again, Tebar's signing is almost confirmed, a possibility of Dos Santos's return can still not be denied as Portugal was coaching Atletico Paraneance in 2014. Ruben Rocha could also be preferred as the coach has worked with him.

Richard Gadze's chances of returning would be low also because he extended his stay at Zire Fk, and with the marquee player not mandatory anymore Florent Malouda could miss out despite being the best player in the league last season.


Last year's golden boot winner Marcelinho is a free agent now after dissolving his contract with Avai Fc in Brazilian top flight. There was a dispute between Marcelinho and the clubs management regarding nonpayments of dues which seems to have been sorted down but still, he has not been contacted by any club until now which he confirmed via his Twitter account.

Marcelinho will still be a hot property and a lot of clubs would be eager to get his services, now it's up to the new coach and the management to decide if they really want the fans favorite to continue playing for the club this season.

 The fans would love to see the same squad but the possibility of that happening is almost nil, with the draft and new rules regarding signing domestic and foreign players, it impossible. And keeping AFC Cup in mind, we would need a different side this time, lets just wait to see what the future holds.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Richard Gadze is roaring in Zira Fk, But is he coming back?

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Richard Gadze is roaring in Zira Fk, But is he coming back?
Richard Gadze, the 22 year old Ghanaian, impressed in his stint with the Azerbhaijan Premier League side Zire FK. Richard was a regular started in the league fixtures and the coach trusted him with his preferred center forward position.

Gadze saved the Azerbaijani side multiple times by scoring in the crucial moments to earn them valuable points, however it was not enough as Zire FK finished fourth in the league table which meant that they did not qualify for the European Cup qualifying rounds.

Richard Gadze made a total of 12 appearances for the club scoring 3 crucial goals. There were a lot of positives in his performance despite hitting post and missing sitters multiple times.

The Lion has already extended his stay in Zire FK, which was confirmed by Zire FK's official website, however it fails to mention whether it was on loan or a free transfer making his return to Delhi Dynamos doubtful. Fans can just hope that they see him in the colors of Delhi Dynamos this season, the rest depends on him.

Here's a latest clip of his performance. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

ISL Superstars Ignored in Brazil??

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ISL Superstars Ignored in Brazil??

ISL superstars like Marcelinho and Stiven Mendoza who are currently playing in the Brazilian top division league for Avai Fc and Corinthians respectively are hardly getting any playing time.

As we all know Brazil is a football obsessed nation, the level of the game is obviously very high compared to a country like India but the football in India is growing and it is only going to flourish in the coming years.

However, it is hard to understand why Indian Super League Golden boot winners like Marcelinho and Mendoza not getting enough playing time on the field. Although ISL's first ever golden boot winner Elano Blumer enjoyed a very good spell in the top division with  Santos Fc (recently announced his retirement from football) then why can't an equally skilled player like Marcelinho and Mendoza (if not less) who achieved similar feats in India and in MLS do it too in Brazil.

Yes, Elano had experience of playing in the top leagues at the highest levels and is obviously a very loved figure in Brazil as he has represented Brazil in the World Cup, but if we look at it in terms of fitness the other two have an upper hand but sadly something is still missing in them which is stopping them from impressing their fellow Brazilians.

Another ISL star from Delhi Dynamos who played in the first two season is currently playing in the reserve side for Atletico Paranease another top division club in Brazil after failing to impress in the main team, It is very likely that the fan favorite Santos will be loaned back to Delhi if Zambrotta and the management showed interest.

Although, it is sad to see this, as fans we can only hope that this changes and our favorite stars enjoy a successful football career in the top leagues, but having these superstars back in ISL is always good for Indian football and the fans.

Monday, 6 March 2017

How Marcelinho, Toni Doblas, and Richard Gadze performing outside ISL? News

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How Marcelinho, Toni Doblas, and Richard Gadze performing outside ISL? News
The Delhi Dynamos Lions have joined other clubs for the season and most probably will stay there until ISL season 4 begins. Here is a report on how they are doing at their respective clubs.


Marcelinho joined the newly promoted Brazilian top division club Avai FC on a season-long deal and wears the number 9 jersey at the club. His season has not really begun yet, he is rarely getting any playing time at the club and is mostly seen warming the bench. The ISL 2016 golden boot winner however played for more than 45 minutes in a recent finale, which is a sight of relief and the fans hope he gets many more starts for the club.





Richard Gadze is doing far better than Marcelinho, He has already scored two important goals for Zira FK in less than five matches and is getting good playing time. 
Note: It is very hard to track Richard Gadze's performance as he is playing in Azerbaijan which is not that Youtube or say Internet-friendly(For English).



Toni Doblas is playing in the second division of Spanish league system in Extremadura UD along with fellow ISL mates ATK striker Iain Hume and Kerela Blasters midfielder Jusu. Toni is the number one goalkeeper for the club and starts for them in every match, he has continued his good form and is making great saves in Spain.

 It's nice to see Delhi Dynamos players doing good outside Indian Super League, hope they come back next season to the Den and you guys do subscribe to Delhi Dynamos Arena if you haven't done it yet so that you can receive latest Delhi Dynamos news directly in your mailbox.